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1:1 Coaching Bundle of 2

Maximize your personal development (and your dollars!) with a bundle of two one-on-one coaching sessions with Jenni McBride McNamara, Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist.

The coaching bundle of two saves you 5% and your sessions do not expire! (If you plan to book more sessions with Jenni, consider the best value option - Coaching Bundle of 5.)

Jenni's hallmark approach combines:

A career counseling hundreds of individuals struggling with high conflict relationships

A specialized and proven framework which empowers individuals to move past their stuck points and into a space of clarity, confidence and happiness.

In one-on-one coaching, you and Jenni will together define your goals. She'll learn about your unique situation then identify strategies to implement and personalized themes to explore for continued growth.

After purchase you'll get:

  • An email to book the time and day of your first session (with the option to book all sessions in the bundle now or at a later date).
  • A guided journal workbook to capture thoughts and ideas about you and your situation.
  • If you have trouble scheduling your session, please contact us.

What People Are Saying:

I sought the help of Jenni McBride McNamara to cope with the overwhelming sadness and despair that I felt as a result of divorce and other traumas. Step by step, with enduring compassion, sensitive wisdom, and very effective strategies, Jenni led me out of the depths of hopelessness to new beginnings and a better version of myself. Through the gifts of her extraordinary leadership and personal touch in counseling, I've developed more strength and courage and a deeper sense of gratitude and purpose. I've learned how to trust within and to find joy in the journey again. Working with Jenni has been one of the most important decisions I've ever made in my life, and I am grateful for all the ways that she has shed light on new possibilities and empowered my future.

"...How to trust within and to find joy in the journey again."

The process Jenni used to help me learn how to better manage my relationship with my mom was powerful. I didn’t think I could feel like an adult when my mom was around, but now I can set boundaries, stick with them, and feel like an actual grownup. One of the most important things I learned was that when I set limits with people, they actually respect me more.

"...When I set limits with people, they actually respect me more."