The High Conflict Relationships Program

Welcome! If you're dealing with a relationship that feels toxic, maybe it is! If you think the person is a narcissist, they could be! The High Conflict Relationships program is designed to guide you through a process of understanding your situation, gaining confidence in dealing with it and finding emotional freedom. I created this self-directed program because there wasn't anything like it when I was going through my own personal challenges. 

Therapists, attorneys, neutrals and family court professionals often experience a client base of individuals in high conflict relationships. Due to high demand, we're now offering the High Conflict Relationship Therapy Certificate for Professionals. If you'd like to learn how to apply the High Conflict Relationships methodology to better serve your clients, this is for you!

Certification for Profesionals

High Conflict Relationship Therapy certification for professionals.

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High Conflict Relationships Course

A self-directed, entirely on demand course for individuals who want to learn more about HCRs.

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Single HCR Course Modules

Explore one or more modules of the HCR course.

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HCR Therapy Certificate for Professionals

High Conflict Relationship Therapy Certification is a training program designed for professionals who want to better understand high conflict relationships and learn to use the methodology to assist clients who may be experiencing high conflict relationships. Therapists, attorneys, neutrals, and family court professionals will especially benefit from High Conflict Relationship Therapy training. This program is eligible for continuing education credit.

​The program is 12 weeks and consists of six live virtual sessions, plus video lessons, in-training case consultations and at-home work. Participants receive a total of 12 hours of virtual training.

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HCR Course Single Modules